SLS Free Hair Soap – Say No to Scalp Sensitivity


Some people may not know that sulfates can cause a loss of natural oils in the hair. This leads to scalp sensitivity, as well as color fading and weaker strands.

Fortunately, there is an alternative: SLS Free Hair Soap Bars!

These are gentler on your locks while still giving you all the cleanliness benefits you need for healthy-looking tresses.

1) You’ll avoid essential oil moisture depletion – which means healthier looking curls with less frizz

2) Your style will stay intact

3) Sulfate free shampoo also primes your scalp for better absorption

4) No more itchy patches or dry skin

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To create that flawless sleek look, simply use the small brush provided and a small amount of hair soap to gently smoothen back fly-away hairs.

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