Upgrade Infrared Curling Iron 25mm


With Upgrade InfraCurl it is now possible to achieve defined curls and waves with low temperatures: hair will appear then softer, healthier and shiner.

The innovative technology of Upgrade InfraCurl uses infrared electromagnetic waves that conduct heat directly into the hair: allowing the use of temperatures 30% lower than conventional irons, the desired hair-set will be reached at 140 ° against 210 ° of traditional irons.

Upgrade InfraCurl benefits:
– Shiny hair and sealed hair cuticles
– No static electric effects, thus no frizzy hair
– Antibacterial and fungal actions on hair

Especially recommended for:
– Both fine and weak hair: in fact the effectiveness of use at low temperatures preserves hair from damages by high temperatures.



How to use InfraCurl:
– Rotate the curling iron, so that the section of the hair selected, glide all the way down the length of it over the slit of the barrel subject to the irradiation of the infrared rays.

Technical details:
– 25 mm diameter
– Titanium bar with tourmaline-ceramic coating
– length 19 cm
– Digital thermostat from 80°C to 210°C (10° by 10°), so temperature will be always suitable for any sort of hair
– Extra-long bar for better use even on very long hair
– MCH double resistances for immediate temperature restoration during use
– Auto cut-off after 1h.

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